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Top Electrochemistry Consulting Services

At Remedy Electrochemistry Consulting, we have over 20 years of industrial and academic experience working with electrochemical technologies, both nationally and internationally. We offer in-depth consulting services on electrochemical technologies such as: 


  • Hydrogen technologies (PEM electrolysis and PEM fuel cells).
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage Technologies (Lithium ion and EDLS chemistries)
  • Carbon Capture Chemistry and Technologies at lab and industrial level
  • Financial Services Technical Advisory for Green Technologies
  • Technical Research Proposal Preparation and Writing  


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An Expert In Electrochemistry

Remedy Electrochemistry Consulting offers insightful analyses and possess the ability to qualify technical and business parameters into an integrated assessment of electrochemical technologies. The skill set that Remedy offers as an electrochemical specialist are based on:

  • A fundamental knowledge of electrochemical principles and material science
  • The ability to evaluate research material in early stages of design and anticipate operational and life cycle needs and risks
  • Practical experience in taking new inventions through the development cycles to the marketplace
  • Experience in coaching technical teams both in-house and as a consultant
  • Experience in assisting teams to focus on the most technically and commercially viable solution for an application, recommend critical tests and help interpret test data against the needs of the application
  • The ability to assist business development managers understand the competitive position of their technology in the marketplace

Our Plan

Our goal is to consistently ensure our clients are always satisfied with our consultation and can get what they need out of electrochemistry technologies. In order to achieve this, we have made sure that we keep up to date on the latest industry trends, and not let any major developments in the electrochemistry industry pass us by. We also make it a point to be in regular, informative communication with all our
clients in order to provide the best consultation services to everyone.

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